When the first step into dropshipping business, you will face some commonly seen difficulties right away.

Finding a winning product is on the top of the list. How can we find a winning product to get sell?
Some of good seller has their particular experience and many methods to find their winning product. I am not a pro dropshipper while went back my years experience to deal with good dropshipper, you can always find their winning products meets a few criteria:
Product are hot sell at categories, normally get hundreds of selling in a few months, while selling history not very long, looks like the product just on the way up. The weight is less than 2kg.
Because common shipping service epacket can do max 2kg. And the winning product must not found at Amazon, make any sense to sell Amazon product? People tend to buy from Amazon instead of your shopify store for sure.

2nd: Is Aliexpress the best source to dropship? I think yes if this is the first time you do dropshipping.

Aliexpress have many advantages. Firstly it has millions of product, it is more than Amazon and cheaper. You have a very wide range to find your product to sell. Thus you have a better chance to get a profit margin as Aliexpress much cheaper than Amazon. Secondly, it is safer for the beginner as Aliexpress also friendly to the buyer and you can have return when you find defects at what you ordered. And 3rd, there is basicly no scam, as every seller have to give Aliexpress 1500$ - 5000$ credit for insourence. Once dirty got bust, Aliexpress seller can not affort to lose.

3rd: Why shipping time took so long? 25 days is not intolerable.
You must been selected free shipping with China post ordinary mail. It is the worst and the cheapest shipping method at China. When you walking into a groceary store you don’t want to buy the cheapest thing if there are other options. Sometimes we do as we don’t compain the quality, but most of time we do care quality. So complianming on quality for cheapest service/product seems childlish.
Some product take 7-12 days(epacket) and still free shipping, you know, the shipping count into product price already. Aliexpress do no charity. So, try to go with common option, save you precious time.

Well, there are more problems you may find on the way of drop shipping, I just list 3 commonly meet here. The marture seller have long since they find a way to bypass all these. They do offline and get away from Aliexpress while they still using Aliexpress as a important tool to gether valuable information.