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By Murphy March 1, 2019

It’s likely that the majority of the products which you’ll be drop shipping are sourced from China or Hong Kong. And long shipping time been a problem the whole time for dropshippers. As a drop shipping agent, I will tell everything you need to know about shipping worldwide from China.

List the common options of international shipment service in China.

International logistics: UPS,DHL,FedEx,TNT Pros: Basically cover countries all over the world, shipping time 3-7 days, with official tracking. No lost any package. Cons: Expensive, unless the customer demands fast shipping over cost, not a common option for e-commerce seller as it eats your profit margin.

Express: Many couriers own their express for specific countries. Name some of them, US Express, UK Express, Russia Express, Australia Express. Express work with International logistics to do the first leg, go through FCL(full container load), Air charter ship to the destination country, local customs clearance do the second leg, they will take it from custom and deliver to customer’s door.

Pros: The common option for Amazon FBA, acceptable price, US normally 6-13days, EURO 7-15 days, rarely lost package. With full cycle tracking. Customs duties included for some of the countries. Cons: Expensive than epacket, Minimal initial weight 23KG per order.

Post: EMS, epacket, China air mail post, EMS kind of expensive, Serve fewer countries than express and charge a little bit more. But EMS have the advantage of customs clearance for specific countries. Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, and the Netherlands have about 5-7 working days; Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, and Belarus have about 7-10 working days.

epacket: Also name EUB, 8-15 days to US, EU and most of the country. Pros Good price, acceptable shipping time. With tracking number. Serve many countries, 70% of e-commerce small order go though EUB. Cons Weight limit 2kg. Dimension limit x+y+z <= 90 cm;

more detail please refer to epacket official site.

China air mail post: Pros Very cheap Cons 20-45 days, no tracking number, 5% lost your package and no return!

For a small package, ePacket delivery is the way to go. This delivery method was born out of an agreement with the US Post Services and Hong Kong Post, with the aim to make it easier for e-commerce entrepreneurs, like you, to ship products to the rest of the world.

Many dropshipper asking me about the shipping question, the price depends on your products and destination country, and it changes from time to time. Please confirm before you trying to sale. Shipping is the main part of your cost.

Any question regarding shipping, please leave comments below. I will address them shortly.

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