What Is the Cheapest Shipping Option From China for Drop Shipping

By Murphy March 6, 2019

I get a lot of query like “what is the cheapest shipping method from China to US/Worldwide?”.

There you go, the cheapest shipping service - Unregistered China post ordinary small packet. Why ‘unregistered’? Because China post ordinary mail has 16RMB($2.6) for register fee, adding $2.6 is close to epacket, which charge a little bit more. You can refer to my article for epacket fee table.

The charge of China post ordinary small packet = epacket - $2.6(register fee), however, the shipping channel and shipping time are totally different, shipping time for the unregistered small package to US/EU at least 20 days, 30-45 days is normal, and without tracking number! There still some of AliExpress sellers use unregistered ordinary when the product very cheap, like 50 cents, cause does not matter if the package gets lost. And it does lose, it is around 5% lost, which is every 20 packages sent, you got 1 lost. And because of no tracking number, no proof whether your customer has the package or not, no return.

So I never save the $2.6, and I would not ask my customer to go with unregistered China post ordinary small packet.

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