My Client Quadruple Sales During COVID 19 Outbreak and Shipping Blows Up the Business

By Murphy July 18, 2020

Below is the full story. My EURO client found that the selling increase in early Feb 2020, which is the Chinese spring festival, Also at the point COVID-19 just found in China. Nobody knows this would go too far. Even thought pandemic, the numbers are good.

Courier keeps running during the outbreak of COVID-19. March, the COVID-19 causes panic, there is more restriction in China, many people are not allowed to back to work, but our courier still running the business. So we send out packages as usual.

The virus spread to EURO, US. But the selling boost.

The news said shipping is impacted, flight decreases, international travel getting limited. But I don’t hear anything from my courier, and my client’s selling boost rapidly. Probably due to virus, everyone stays at home, thus more online shopping. The selling is double, triple, and then fourfold in April. At that point, I didn’t know the bad things already happened. I was just wondering why my courier got no problem with shipping to EURO.

In the first week of May, my client starts getting more complaints from customers, they didn’t receive their package, while the package sent at the beginning of April. (Normally shipping time is 10 days to EURO.) We check the trackings with my courier, and then I know the shipping channel switch from express to e-pack, without telling me in advance! Actually the e-pack system of China, the US and EURO all paralyzed. The day of this post is 18th July, some of the trackings sent in April still pending. While the package I sent, I’d pay the express price. This is out of line. The courier worked with me is YanWen, which is a well known international logistics company, the unexpected!

This is what happened since Feb. I really appreciated my client still trust in me, and we work together to go through this.

Looking backward, the lesson learned, I am not vigilant enough. Though news said shipping dead, I should check the shipping time daily. The trust of the ‘famous’ company put me at risk. No matter what entity you work with, no matter how strong they are, you should check everything in person. You are facing the consequences anyway.

What’s your story during the Covid-19 outbreak? Please share your story with everyone.

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