Drop Shipping Evolved at 2023

Actually experience seller use the strategy for years. Oversea storage and drop-shipping combine The long shipping time is by nature a problem of drop-shipping. So experience do drop-shipping to find out potential products, and do sea shipping with hot sell product to get better profit margin. And, the package would be better protective if by container. Drop-shipping is a method they search for new “winner”; By combine drop-shipping and local storage they got better profit margin and customer experience.

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Amazon cost analysis

Dropshippers, before scaling any product might have potential, the first thing you need to is figure out product cost. In most case, sell price should be at least Besides product cost, the price have to cover profit margin, online traffic, international shipping and whatnot. Let’s do a price research. I’ll randomly pickup a product at Amazon as below. 16$ for 3 pack, lets find out product cost from 1688 supplier. Cost as below table:

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