1 min know about Aliexpress and Dropshipping agent cost

What you don’t know about Aliexpress and Dropshipping agent cost Actually 90%(it is not official number but give or take) of aliexpress seller work like trading company. Cause most of the factories do not have budget to keep a sales team. And ali seller became more and more professional at online marketing giving time. So it is a win-win corporate for ali seller to work with factory. To register a seller at aliexpress.

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Three Alternatives to AliExpress

AliEepress is commonly used as product source for drop-shipping. While market changing rapidly and so does your business model. Are you still got complaints about its slow delivery time? Is your price competitive? Let’s find out are any better alternatives than AliExpress. The article will introduce 3 alternatives to AliExpress. What service you adopt reviews your status on the drop-shipping business. There are three alternatives to AliExpress for drop-shipping. AliExpress is a great tool to get started with drop-shipping and to get a feel for the business model.

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Shocking Fact About 1688

What is 1688? Simply put, China domestic version of Alibaba. It is a wholesale B2B e-commerce platform belong to e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. Alibaba is facing the international market, 1688 working on domestic market connect factories, manufacturers, suppliers to enterprises. What drop shippers should know? Most of Alibaba seller is the middle man who gets their supplier from 1688. So if you buy from 1688, you may have more profit margin.

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