7-10 business days to America, Canada & EURO.

NO MOQ with factory price!

Supply everything you can find at Aliexpress!

Fast Express to most of country!

tracking number update at google sheet.


product sourcing

Instead of sourcing from Aliexpress, DHGate, Alibaba, we will only deal with factories, manufactures and pick the best price and quality.

repack and combine order

International shipping could damage the product if your product not properly packaged. We will adopt a standard package to repack your product. Thus no customer complain just because some delivery guy happens to damage your package, which common to drop shipping order. And if your order different product, we could put it in 1 package to save international shipping fee.

custom package

We offer a full solution for customized branding package for your dropshipping business, we offer hangtags, insert card, branding package with your logo. We private label your products, you sell all your products under on your own brands.

Worldwide fulfillment

We remove price tags, invoices, put multi-orders into one package, and we ship products directly from China to your customers' address by E-packet, DHL, FedEx, EMS and whatever you want to use.

quality control

We check the quality as per your request, return to factory if any issue. We will send you a picture or video for you to confirm before ship your order.

more to come

We are product sourcing agent for shopify seller, local wholesaler. We provide 1 stop solution for product sourcing, remove the middle man and purchase product directly from factories. We provide branding and custom package. Everything you need just boost your sells, and we will do the the rest.

1stopdropshipping is the best product sourcing agent for small business which using aliexpress, ebay, wish or other e-commerce platform to do online business.